Podcast Episodes


Barbara Davis joins us to discuss Service Dogs, real vs fake, and the implications and consequences in the world.  To get in contact with Barbara Davis check out: BADDogs Inc.

Sarah came back from the IAABC conference in Texas. 

Sarah is Drinking:
Psuedo Sue, Toppling Goliath Brew

Rebecca is Drinking:
I Always Felt Closer to IPAS, Evil Twin Brewing


Trish Mcmillan joins us to talk about shelter dogs and placing marginalized dogs, goats and a special guest appearance from her murderous cat in the beginning. 

Trish is Drinking:
Bed of Nails Brown Ale, Hi-Wire Brewing

Sarah is Drinking:
Origin, Anchorage Brewing

Rebecca is Drinking:
Demon Boy, Anchorage Brewing


To get in touch with Trish Mcmillan:

Sarah had a run in with a creepo! We also changed our intro again. Let us know what you think! 

Sarah is drinking:
Dormancy Breakfast Stout, Bale Breaker

Rebecca is Drinking:
Squeezebox, Urban Artifact


Sarah returns from the clicker Expo talks about the cool things she saw and we discuss flirt pole and arousal play. 

Sarah is Drinking:
Winter Bourbon Imperial Stout, Mother Earth Brew Co.

Rebecca is Drinking:
From Astoria with Love, Fort George Brewery


Revisiting burn out and repetitiveness.

Sarah is Drinking:
Pineapple Cider, 2 Towns Cider House

Rebecca is Drinking:
Blueberry Frosted Pastry, Decadent Ales